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larging it with props  THE BENDY MONSTERS, playing LIVE in Sheffield As it happens (barring floods and other natural disasters)

05 December 1998

Tonight the band are laying down new tracks at One Groove Studios, Sheffield, England.

The usual line-up, Pat, Dom, Chris and Andy.

Engineer / Producer: Moony

Tracks so far... Sci-Fi... Salford Jets... Wrong Town

08 December 1998

It is here! Wrong Town which will feature on the new CD.

09 December 1998

More on the new CD THE P45 SESSIONS

Track list
  1. Staying In
  2. Wrong Town
  3. The Bowler's Holding.....
  4. Sci-Fi
  5. Mackeson Surprise
  6. Salford Jets

16 December 1998

Hear the new tracks

Wrong Town
Salford Jets

19 December 1998

The Bendy Monsters play live in Sheffield

25 December 1998

See the gig review on the Live! page.

06 February 1999

We win an award

08 February 1999

We are visited by Mike Hales, TFI Friday Producer

01 April 1999

Phyllis Belezos of SONY writes. She wants to review The Bendy Monsters' music for an independent film she is working on. SHE asks US for CDs!!

01 June 1999

The International Songwriters Association link to us.

04 June 1999

Gomez no less! link to this site.

09 June 1999

The Bendy Monsters are "Band of the month" at the British Unsigned Rock Bands Site (BURBS)

18 June 1999

What's That Spell (Internet music magazine) features MY review of the Preston music scene.

18 June 1999

What's That Spell gives Top Trumps and The P45 Sessions great reviews!

23 June 1999

Quote from Dom Bradshaw - lead guitarist of the Bendies ...

Brilliant review.... loved it!

24 June 1999

The Bendies announce an upcoming live performance (and not before time!) They will play at Sheffield on August 15 - watch this space for venue details....

17 July 1999

More details of the gig... The Bendy Monsters are playing at The National Centre For Popular Music, Sheffield, on Monday 30th August (Bank Holiday Monday) at...... WHAT TIME DOM????? (Don't shoot me readers - I am just the messenger)

26 August 1999

...... finally.... The Bendy Monsters play at The National Centre For Popular Music, Sheffield, on Monday 30th August (Bank Holiday Monday) at 6pm
Mini review here soon.

31 August 1999

B.O.L.L.O.C.K.S is now available on a compilation disk, "BURBs Too". There are some really good tracks from unsigned bands on this. I will give details of how to buy it as soon as I know...

06 September 1999

The best things come... or is it... lost my book of quotations in the house fire.
Here's the site for purchasing the BURBs Too! CD, and other goodies.

It costs 8.99 + 1 p&p

Help the starving and it won't cost you a penny - just click here

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