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The BEST of Sheffield

Music Directory, Information, Links and more.Search Music Network
Breaking the rules?14 Yards Offside
Ground-breaking hip-hop/fusion band Realistic Hair
Best music/skateboarding stuff/BMXs/gear Alans Records (best in Wigan)
Allan !! for Allan of Wigan (Music Zone)
Can't describe perfection!!! Arab Strap
The Vynil PoliceAdam and Joe
Warp Records Aphex Twin, etc
Sugar Rush the aural incubator
Music newsNew Musical Express
ADF - Guy's pageAsian Dub Foundation
It's Official!Asian Dub Foundation
Joy In Any LanguageApollo 440
OdelAAAYY!!!!!! I found BECK !
He's got balls (and bumps!) Bloke Up North
Sauntry Sly ChicCampag Velocet
I like them with blue veins.. Cheeses
Brothers Gonna Work It OutThe Chemical Brothers
Something To Look Forward ToClearlake
High SpeedColdplay
Twenty Twenty Sound...Dark Star
Flippin' Heck they got a decent page now!Death In Vegas
Thankyou Peter The Prodigy
Waynetta still livesHarry Enfield
Whatever happened to..?Brian Eno
Right Here, Right Now! Fatboy Slim
My Lovely HorseFather Ted file
Was it Usama Bin Laden?Federal Bureau of Investigation
Something for the weekend Download the fluffy sheep
Thank Mike It's Monday!TFI Friday
Lip synchFor fun
No commentFly gliding
Oral gratification...Food! (Snap guide)
For a friendGene
ROCK Star!Geology
Get Yourself ArrestedGomez
Pot Head PixiesGong
He's da MAN wit da fLaVaIvan from Alans Records
For... no-oneBjork
Linking Woman's CrumpetRyan Giggs
Men In Skirts!Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard HEREBad dog! (.wav file)
October SwimmerJJ72
Hey DudeKula Shaker
Got a tent? This year's festivals
Fatboy, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, ADF. LIVE!!!Homelands (festival)
Earn your Endurance Badge Reading Festival
Kneel Before Your God! Lemon Jelly
Tonight's best gigsWhat's on in Manchester
..and if you get The MunchiesManchester restaurants
MORE Manchester!Virtual Manchester
Best new talentManchester Roadhouse
Where am I?Maps (UK)
Skinning.... Mark and Lard
.... the Competition Mark and Lard
Email Friends of mineMark and Lindsay Prestage
Northern England Gig, Club and Theatre GuideAlive On-Line
Life, The Universe, and... Funk and Wagnalls
Naked TwisterMansun
It's loud!Ministry of Sound
Wigan BandMook
Hate This And I'll Love YouMuse
Can't find that CD?Music Zone
Do you play?Musicians Union
Got a health worry?0845 4647 - NHS Direct - health advice 24 hours per day (UK only) (local rate! - and it's a person not a machine!)
A huge evergrowing brain...The Orb
Loopz (The Orbital Zine)Orbital
OFFICIAL The Bendy Monsters Page
Nancy Boys Placebo
Just type in a URL... Pornolize
Are you equipped?The Presidents of the United States of America
We gonna bubble ya brainRealistic Hair
GLOW hereReef
Sites and tours Bigmouth
support the northSheffield's top 50 sites
Ooph!John Shuttleworth
Sven-G-Englar?Sigur Ros
Don't talk, just clickSilencer
You like Skin? Skunk Anansie
WirelessLuke Slater
Feel creative? International Songwriters Association
The female of the species Space
She Takes Her Clothes OffStereophonics
No (guitar) strings?String This!
On NudeSuede
P(H)umping On Your StereoSupergrass
More than OKTalvin Singh
You Guys Kill MeThird Eye Foundation
More useful than Really UsefulThomson Online Directory
Trains (ALL companies, UK mainland)TheTrainLine
The OTHER DomTrigger Happy TV!!
Born Slippy?Underworld
Playing dirtyUnderworld
Celestial AnnihilationUnkle
Int(end)troducing DJ Shadow
How IS your 'phone bill? Radiohead (VERY Radiohead)
Which came first? Green Day
Hurrah for .wav files! Dawn of the Replicants
Live sounds and video interFACE pirate radio
Much improved!! Radio 1
Persevere - it pays! (click the East Coast link) Grand Royal Radio
for my OLDer readers... Virgin Radio
relationship problems? Relate (UK)
Got a credit card? TicketWeb
We passed muster UBL
Discovering again and again... Unknown Pleasures
Top shelf comic Viz
What's That Spell? Official Online Magazine of the BURBS
the virtual a&r list Promote your music on the internet
Britain's BEST Hip hop site
...and FINALLY House for sale
Britain's best Hip Hop site Tha Wax Anorax
DOWNLOAD Shockwave

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