Realistic Hair Realistic Hair, unsigned UK hip hop band
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Realistic Hair
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Realistic Hair.  UK hip-hop's most exciting new act just hit the planet. Fronted by DJ Syclops with the brilliant Dave Thorpe on bass guitar, the innovative Tim Page playing lead guitar, Al on bongos, keyboard by Chris and Danny on drums.  They hit the scene and sent punters into a frenzy.  How can you describe them?  Fusion in its real meaning.  Hip-hop/indie/funk/jazz... you name it. 
Forthcoming gigs:

Night and Day Cafe, Manchester - Fri 11 May

Brookes Club, Accrington - Fri 13 July

Shapiros, Wigan - Sat 28 July

Oakhill Park, Accrington, Sunday 12 August 4pm, SOUNDS FESTIVAL

Shapiros, Wigan - Sat 7 July

More gig information coming - when Simon can be bothered to tell me!

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